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Autumn / Winter 2022

Issue 01

Guthrie Gazette Issue 1 Welcome

Hello to all our friends, followers, past, former, and future Residents, to our Strategic Partners, and to our funders and supporters!

We warmly welcome you to our first edition of The Guthrie Gazette, a quarterly newsletter with which we aim to keep you updated on all that we are doing here at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig.

We hope that you enjoy our first edition. We aim to publish quarterly from 2023 onwards, with the next edition due at the end of March 2023.




A Tribute to Bernard Loughlin

The Board of Directors of The Tyrone Guthrie Centre hosted an event to celebrate the life of the founding director of the Centre, Bernard Loughlin (1950-2018) on 16 October 2021. We were honoured to welcome Mary Loughlin, along with Maeve and Eoin, to the Centre. The event took place in our temporary outdoor marquee with a limited number of invitees (owing to Covid 19 restrictions). It was a lovely day of readings, speeches, laughter and tears, and so many memories recalling Bernard and Mary's kindness and care towards everyone while creating the ethos of the Centre that remains today.



Our Board of Directors

We said goodbye to our outgoing Chairperson, Adrian Moynes, in early September 2022, and through the year we also said goodbye to Kevin V. Mulligan and Shirley Clerkin. We offer our sincere thanks for their dedicated voluntary service as members of our Board of Directors.

We extend a warm welcome our new Chairperson, Sheila Nunan, who is joined on the Board by two new appointees, Siobhán Ní Éanaigh (RoI) and Jimmy Fay (NI).

We warmly welcome our new external appointee to our Audit and Risk Committee, Orla Tomany.

New Website

With the assistance of funding from The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon, we were delighted to launch our new, accessible website, in early September 2022.

We would like to thank our in-house team member, Mary Clerkin, for her wonderful photographs that are featured throughout our new website.

2022 Debi O'Hehir Bursary for a Painter, Print Maker, or Textile Artist Living and Working in the West and Northwest of Ireland

Our call out for applicants for the Debi O'Hehir Bursary opens on 1 November 2022, and will close at 5pm on 30 November 2022. Owing to the huge number of applicants last year, we have decided to focus on the west and north west of Ireland for our 2022 call out. The bursary is open to early-, mid- and late career painters, print makers, and textile artists, who are living and working (yes, both) in Galway, Clare, Sligo, Donegal, Kerry, Leitrim, Mayo or Roscommon. We will focus on different geographical regions, and other art forms, in 2023. Applications are peer reviewed, and this year our panel members are Mick O'Dea PPRHA, Professor Una Sealy RHA, and Dr Éimear O'Connor HRHA, HRUA, Visual Arts Curator and Resident Director of The Tyrone Guthrie Centre. The panel will create a short list, and will be joined by Siobhán O'Hehir to select the 2022 winner of the bursary. We would like to receive applications from among all communities in the north and north west. Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

If you are a painter, print maker, or textile artist living and working in any of the counties mentioned above, then please apply using the link below:

Apply for Debi O'Hehir Bursary

Visual artist Vera Klute Winner of our 2022 Anita Young Bursary for a Mid-Career Painter (RHA)

We are delighted to announce that visual artist, Vera Klute, is the winner of our 2022 'Anita Young Bursary for a Mid-Career Painter' in association with the RHA.

Vera's award is two weeks in our Big House, with a visual arts studio, which has been made possible through a bequest left to us by artist and former resident, Anita Young.

In addition, Vera was invited to exhibit a painting at the RUA annual exhibition 2022, which is a cross border initiative by The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, the RHA, and the RUA. 

The painting illustrated is 'Crush', by Vera Klute, exhibited at the RHA Annual Exhibition 2022. 

Stephen Shaw RUA announced as the winner of the Anita Young Bursary RUA 2022

The winner of our Anita Young Bursary for a mid-career painter in association with the RUA, 2022, is Stephen Shaw ARUA, for his wonderful watercolour titled, Laganbanks. We look forward welcoming Stephen to The Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

Stephen will spend two weeks in our Big House, fully catered, with use of a visual arts studio. He will also be invited to exhibit a work at the annual RHA exhibtion in 2023. Vera Klute, our RHA winner for 2022 is presently showing a painting by invitation with in the annual RUA exhibition. This added bonus to the Anita Young Bursary for a Mid-Career Painter is a Tyrone Guthrie Centre/RHA/RUA cross border initiative.


Stephen Shaw, Laganbanks, watercolour.


Celebrating our Artists: Visual Artist, Anushiya Sundaralingam (Northern Ireland) and Jesús Castro Yáñez (Galicia), Poet

Visual artist, Anushiya Sundaralingam, was in residence with us in September 2022. Her stay coincided with that of poet, Jesús Castro Yánez, who was the winner of  Aodh Ruadh O'Donnell Exchange in association with Literature Ireland, Poetry Ireland, and Residencia Literaria 1863, A Coruna,Galicia (Keith Payne, curator). Anushiya worked in our print studio, while Jesús worked at a writing desk in his bedroom.

As often happens at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Anushiya and Jesús found much in common, and one began to respond to the other's work, evidenced in  'Thalkal' (Sheets), by Anushiya Sundaralingam embellished with words by Jesús Castro Yánez.

Title : Thalkal (Sheets)

Medium: Monotype on fine paper

Size: Dimensions variable

These are the creative collaborations that are so important to artists, and that happen every day here at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

We would like to thank Anushiya and Jesús for permitting us to reproduce their work in our first newsletter.

Photograph by Anushiya Sundaralingam.

For further information about the peer reviewed exchange that brought Jesús to the Centre for four weeks, sponsored by The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, please see our International Bursaries and Exchanges page on our website.


Artists featured in The Guthrie Gazette are paid for their work according to our Payment of the Artist Policy.

Celebrating Our Artists: Actor and Theatre Maker, Clare Barrett, on time spent at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre

My name is Clare Barrett and I am an Actor and Theatre maker. I was lucky enough to receive a residency award from Fingal County Council to attend The Tyrone Guthrie centre recently to work on a new play. I am currently writing a piece in collaboration with the wonderful composer Ellen Cranitch about a woman with Locked-in-Syndrome.  We are working on completing our first draft and I wanted to come here to get some concentrated time as we move towards our next development in October.

This was my first time to attend the centre and well it was everything I hoped for and then some!

I had come from Dublin where I was  workshopping a  new production that’s happening later in the year so my mind was fizzing with all that that entailed and I was wondering how I would ever switch gears back into writing mode, but armed with tales from  previous residents of how ‘the minute you cross the border into Monaghan everything just slows down’ and some last minute texts of  ‘don’t forget your togs!’ I arrived in a bit of a flurry just before dinner. As an actor I think we’re quite used to walking into a group of strangers and having to deal with those first day of school feelings but I  found I was a little nervous, however nerves quickly dissipated  when I joined my fellow residents  and Mary Alice brought out the  dinner!

Like most people one of the things I missed most during Covid was  the interaction with my peers and colleagues. As I sat at my desk at home I really felt the work I was doing was lacking something and I now realise that I was missing the stimulation and inspiration one gets from being in contact and in conversation with other artists.

I feel very lucky that on my short stay here I had both stimulation and inspiration in abundance. The group that were resident during my stay comprised of two visual artists, a poet , an architect, 3 fiction writers, one screen writer, one theatre-maker like myself and one actor who was writing a screenplay. A wonderful crew of interesting, smart and funny people. I gained much from our conversations over my stay and I found that those interactions were flavouring my writing and making it  much richer. We had a sharing of our work on the last evening which filled my heart to bursting point. We are all very different people  who are each on our own artistic journey. However  we bonded that evening  by sharing our vulnerabilities , our frustrations, our joys and the hopes we had for each of our projects . I was thrilled at this tiny peek behind the curtain at what these wizards were working on. As it is only the second piece I have written I was nervous to share my work especially at this early stage but I was so encouraged and lifted by the warm and intelligent discussions that followed each sharing that I joined in and now following that experience I feel ready to face the next phase of this project with an increased confidence and vigour. 

Despite the fact that I had heard many stories of how special the centre and the people who work here are, I was still blown away by their care for each of us and how the beautiful environment outside matched the nourishment inside.

As I walked the woods,  past the cottages, performance and dance spaces one can’t help but think of the wonderful work that has come from and will come from here. The seeds of which were planted or tended to on the desks of every room, in the studios, in a chair in the sun room or the library, and along those paths. I thought a lot also about friends like Maeve Ingolsby and Emma O Kane who we lost recently and how they too walked and worked here and how this place was special for them. So I leave here with all of that , all the food, the conversation, the quiet, the creativity  and the lake dips that coat this precious experience like a protective varnish and I will plant these thoughts into my play and they’ll germinate as I head off to do something completely different for a while- a new Irish musical, and when I come back to my writing those green shoots will be ready for more weeding and  a bit more work.

Resident Artist Contributors to The Guthrie Gazette are paid according to our Payment of the Artist Policy.

Recent Bursary Holders at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre

We are always delighted to welcome bursary awardees to The Tyrone Guthrie Centre. We have many strategic partnerships with local arts offices, North and South, and with individuals and arts organizations on the island of Ireland, and international, all of which enable us to welcome artists from across all communities on the island, and from further afield. All bursary awards and exchanges in partnership with The Tyrone Guthrie Centre (TGC) are assessed by peer panel.

Recent Awardees for 2021-2022 include:

Diarmuid Breen Visual artist Anita Young Bursary winner RHA 2021
Karen Daye Hutchinson Visual artist Anita Young RUA Bursary 2021
Vera Klute Visual artist Anita Young Bursary RHA winner 2022
Stephen Shaw ARUA Visual artist Anita Young Bursary RUA winner 2022
Una Sealy Visual artist Fingal Arts Office/Bealtine/Age and Opportunity 2022
Thomas Brezing Visual artist/poet Fingal Arts Office/Bealtine/Age and Opportunity 2022
Claire McCluskey Visual artist The Tyrone Guthrie Centre Debi O'Hehir Bursary 2021
Jim McElroy Writer Francis Ledwidge Residency 2021
Teresa O'Donnell Harp Cruit Éireann/Irish Harp Ireland Award 2022
Jessica McKinney 2 Writer Ireland Chair of Poetry Award 202
John O'Donovan Playwright Phelim Donlon Bursary 2022 Irish Theatre Institute & TGC
Nene Lonergan Visual artist Childrens Books Ireland Raising Voices 2022
Carol Gill Writer Childrens Books Ireland Raising Voices 2022
Aileen Swansen Visual artist Childrens Books Ireland Raising Voices 2022
Jen Wallace WriterChildrens Books Ireland Raising Voices 2022
Kate Moore Writer Childrens Books Ireland Raising Voices 2022
Conor Bredin Writer Childrens Books Ireland Raising Voices 2022
Celine Kiernan Mentor Childrens Books Ireland Raising Voices Mentor 2022 sponsored by the TGC
Jesús Castro Yáñez Poet Aodh Ruadh Ó'Donnell Exchange 2022
Sinead Griffin Poet Trocaire Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition 2021
Attracta Fahy Poet/Writer Trocaire Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition 2021
Deirdre Sullivan Writer Skein Press Bursary 2021/22 sponsored by TGC
Oein DeBhairduin Writer Skein Press Bursary 2021/22 sponsored by TGC
Yingge Xu Visual artist Skein Press Bursary 2021/22 sponsored by TGC
Michelle Cahill Dance The TGC/Dance Ireland McB Dance Bursary 2021
Catherine Young Dance The TGC/Dance Ireland McB Dance Bursary 2021
Ali Clarke Dance The TGC/Dance Ireland McB Dance Bursary 2022
Micheál Ó Conghaile. Writer Irish Writers Centre Jack Harte Award 2021
Danielle Carragher Music Bursary for a Composer/ Musician in association with Arts Council Northern Ireland

We continually seek to create and sustain strategic partnerships for the benefit of artists, and at the moment we are specifically interested in establishing Irish language bursaries, along with bursaries for early career theatre directors (The Sir Tyrone Guthrie Bursary), for early career theatre designers - set, costume, and lighting (The Tania Moiseiwitsch Bursary), for musicians, singers, and composers, and for ballet choreography and dance. If you would like to join our growing list of individual and organizational strategic partners, please contact our resident director, Dr Éimear O'Connor at

Celebrating Our Artists: Let Us Know About Your Event

Calling all previous residents on the island of Ireland, and further afield.

Have you an exhibition, a book launch, a reading, or a production coming up? Have you won an award? Tell us your news! We are more than delighted to shine a light on you by advertising your event, or publishing your good news in future editions of The Guthrie Gazette. Please feel free to send information, along with an image or poster (and written permission to reproduce images and text), to our Resident Director, email  

We are also interested in receiving short articles, short stories, poems, or images of work pertaining to your residency with us here at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre. We would like to publish two features per edition. Artists will be paid for their work if it selected for publication, as per our Payment of the Artist Policy.

The next edition of The Guthrie Gazette will be published online at the end of March 2023. Please send us information for events that are happening in April, May, and June 2023.

The Tyrone Guthrie Centre is now a member of the Charities Institute of Ireland

We are delighted to inform our funders, strategic partners, residents, and friends, that The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig is now a member of the Charities Institute of Ireland.

The Tyrone Guthrie Centre was a Finalist in the National Lottery Good Causes Awards 2022.

The Tyrone Guthrie Centre was one of thirty five finalists in the National Lottery Good Causes Awards, 2022.

We were nominated in the Arts and Culture Section, having won the local county award. We extend our heartiest and warmest congratulations to the winner of the Arts and Culture, Waterford High Hopes Choir.

The overall winner of the National Lottery Good Causes Award 2022 was a Monaghan based organisation, Cú Chulainn Blood Bikes. They are a wonderful group of volunteers who transport blood and other necessary supplies for terminally ill children throughout local hospitals in Monaghan, Louth, Cavan, and Meath.

We extend our heartiest and warmest congratulations to Cú Chulainn Blood Bikes, and we sincerely thank all the volunteers for the work that they do.

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