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The Tyrone Guthrie Centre is situated amid 450 acres of forest, and beside Annaghmakerrig Lake. We are proud of our grounds, which are looked after on our behalf by the Office of Public Works (OPW). We are part of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and as such, our meadows have been left to grow wild to allow pollinating plants to grow. The grounds are full of natural wildlife, small insects, squirrels, pine martins, foxes, badgers, fish, otters, swans, owls, woodpeckers, all manner of small birds, hares, rabbits, and a flock of wild deer.

Take the time to listen, walk, and observe while resident with us. The night skies are a wonder on a clear night. You may even hear one of our resident owls doing her thing high up on her nighttime perch. At certain times of year, you cannot fail to hear our noisy woodpeckers knock knocking away deep in the forest. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our shy wild deer, who venture out late to gather and feast. A hare on its own, standing tall and handsome, is said to be Sir Tyrone Guthrie saying hello. Remember to say hello in return, for we would not be here without the foresight of Tyrone, his sister, Peggy, her daughter, Julia, and friend of the family, Pamela Travers.

We care deeply for our environment in and around The Tyrone Guthrie Centre. We ask that residents treat the Centre as they would their own home - turn lights off, and heating down, when not in use, recycle waste material properly, hang towels up to dry rather than replace them too often, and tell the team if you will not be in for a meal, so that food is not wasted.

We actively encourage our residents to develop and sustain an environmentally friendly arts practice. Please do not put toxic chemicals and waste material down our drains. Consider your use of paper and ink. Reuse and recycle whenever possible.

Pond with Fish and Lily pads

We are working towards a far more sustainable environment at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, and we aim, with support from strategic partners and fundraising activities, to move to green energy over the coming years.

We politely remind those planning a residency with us to ensure to bring antihistamine tablets/cream. While we always welcome members of the public to walk our grounds, we ask you to kindly keep dogs on the leash, to protect the young of the all the species on site. For reasons of health and safety, and the privacy of our residents, we request that all private property signs around Annaghmakerrig House, outbuildings and facilities are observed by the public.

There is a strict no hunting rule in place across the entire grounds owned by The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, that is no hunting dogs, and no hunting at all, with or without hunting rifles.

Lake View

If the world is knit together by stories, then it is places like The Tyrone Guthrie Centre that form the glue to hold the whole landscape together.

Colum McCann - Author

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