The Tyrone Guthrie Centre is a beautiful, secluded residential workplace open to professional practitioners in all art forms.

“Work can only be universal if it is rooted in a part of its creator which is most privately and particularly himself”. 

– Sir William Tyrone Guthrie

It is an ideal place to take time away from the everyday, to create valuable space to think and work.

The centre was founded by the visionary theatre maker William Tyrone Guthrie who, with the advice and encouragement of his family, bequeathed his entire estate and family home to the State with the proviso that it would be used for the benefit of artists. An inspired decision it is one that has positively reshaped the cultural landscape of Ireland ever since.

Situated in a beautiful, tranquil setting amid the lakes and drumlins of County Monaghan the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, often referred to as Annaghmakerrig, is the ideal location to bring focus to your artistic work. Whether developing new work, finding the space to complete a project or simply taking time out to creatively regenerate, Annaghmakerrig provides the perfect environment. Quiet, serene and supportive, everything is provided for during your stay, including delicious food.

Artists of all disciplines may apply to become a Tyrone Guthrie resident and in this section you can find out about the studios and facilities at the Centre, which include artist studies, a performance studio, a composers room and a print studio. You can read more about what to expect from your stay and how to apply.

Artist residencies are offered for a maximum period of one month in the Big House and two months in the self-catering Farmyard Cottages.

For Prices and Fees see here. The Tyrone Guthrie Centre is an internationally known artist residency and there are many bursaries available that will cover the cost of residency fees. See our Bursaries page for more information.