Music Room

We have a beautiful music room at the back of the house

It has a Young Chang Grand Piano and a Yamaha C3 grand piano ideal for working on new compositions. It is a large room overlooking the gardens to the rear of the building, with great light coming in through the sizable windows.

The piano that gets most play is our Yamaha baby grand. It has a good feel and perfect intonation from the bass to the treble. The non-pedalled notes have a bright attack and the sustain is consistent across the keyboard.

The room is brightly light, but such that the pianos are not in direct light.

We have an extensive library of sheet music, including a number of popular songbooks from Tyrone Guthrie's era.

Here's a video diary of the renowned jazz composer Ronan Guilfoyle discussing his experience composing "Concerto for the Electric Guitar and Orchestra" for RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.