During your Stay

Below are a few tips to help you settle in and make the best use of your stay. 

You will find a copy of this handbook in your room when you arrive.

Office Opening Times

The office is open Monday – Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm. If you arrive outside of office hours a resident is usually around to assist you but please contact the office to make arrangements.

The Annaghmakerrig book, postage stamps and laundry cards (€2 per card) are all available for purchase in the office. One laundry card is required per wash and two cards are required for the dryer.

Meals in the Big House

If you are a resident of the Big House all your meals are included in your stay. Breakfast and lunch are self-service so you can help yourself to food in the fully stocked kitchen for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

For residents in the Big House, dinner is served at 7pm each evening. It is the sole stipulation of Tyrone Guthrie’s Will that all artists would gather for a meal once a day. As a Big House resident attendance at these meals each evening is therefore a requirement of your stay.

If you are in the Self Catering Farmyard Cottages you are invited to Dinner once a week. This should be booked with the office before 12 noon on the day you wish to dine with the group.

Internet Access

Wireless and wired Internet access is available throughout the Centre, the Big House cottages and studios.

House Rules

The Centre has very few rules and those it has are simple:

  • If you are in the Big House you must turn up to dinner every night at 7pm
  • If you have to miss a meal for any reason or if you plan to be away overnight please let a member of staff know.
  • The main meal each day is prepared by the staff. Help yourself to other meals from the fridge in the kitchen. If there is anything particular you need or if you have any dietary requirements please let the staff know as soon as possible after your arrival.
  • The kitchen, library, drawing room and conservatory are communal spaces, so feel free to use these rooms. Please try and leave them as you find them, particularly the kitchen. It is up to everyone to clear up after themselves. After dinner the table must be cleared and leftover food covered with cling film and put in the fridge. 
  • If the dishwasher is full, turn it on. If it has finished, unload it. Please don’t leave it for someone else to do, even if you find yourself doing it three times a day. It all evens out over time.
  • When taking tea or coffee to another room in the house protect polished furniture by using a saucer under your cup – and please bring mugs and cups back to the kitchen for washing.
  • All the rooms, including studios are no smoking areas.
  • If the fire alarm rings please leave your room immediately and exit the building to nearest fire assembly point.
  • No bare feet please – for Health and Safety reasons only!
  • Please keep mobile phone usage to a minimum. If you listen to music please use earphones
  • Leave outdoor shoes at the back door
  • Laundry facilities are in the yard behind the conservatory. There you will find a washing machine, tumble drier, iron and ironing board. You will need cards to operate the machines: they are available in the office and it normally takes one card for the washing machine and two for the tumble drier. These cost €2.00 each. There is also a washing line behind the artists’ studios.
  • There are internet and printing facilities in the Residents’ Office. There is also an honesty box where we would ask you to contribute toward the cost of these operations.
  • The Centre has a Wine Licence and has a small selection of wines for sale – can be bought from Ingrid or Mary - ideally during office hours.
  • Sheets and towels are changed once a week.
  • The nearest shops are in Newbliss and Cootehill. If you have a car and plan to go shopping you might consider putting a note on the board or the fridge in case anyone needs a lift. The nearest banks are in Cootehill where there are ATM services. There is no television in Annaghmakerrig, but if you are addicted to sport the local pubs in Newbliss have large screen televisions.


Privacy and Peace

It’s important that everyone should be confident that their privacy is respected, so don’t visit other residents in their rooms unless you have been specifically invited, or go in if they are not there. The same applies to Artists’ Studios, The Music Room and Performance Studio. This is an old house with no soundproofing – so please consider others by limiting your use of mobile phones to outside and using earphones when listening to music.


Your safety and security is our concern, and so this is a gated community with access for cars only to those who have the code. The house should be locked up at night: front and back door, and the two patio doors in the kitchen.  However, try to make sure that artists working the studios or pub-goers don’t get locked out.  If you are likely to be late let someone know.

Useful Phone Numbers

Doctor: Dr Seamus Clarke Clones +353 47 52323
Dentist: Colm Smith Group Practice Cootehill +353 49 5552683
Hospital: Cavan General Hospital, +353 49 4361399
Monaghan Bus Station +353 47 82377
Taxi: Charlie Adams + 353 868643246/Carn Hackney (Monaghan), +353 47 71122 
Mrs Johnson (tea leaf reader) +353 48 67738595
Gardaí Newbliss +353 47 54002
Car Hire: Gerry Mullen +353 47 81396
Sauna/Massage: Escape (Cootehill) +353 49 5556120